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The Power of Your Light – Designing the Life You Want with Tiffany V. mason, Life Coach

Mason Coaching and Consulting

Because let's face Life, sometimes, not-so-pleasing things happen. Terrible things. Yet what we do with those terrible things can lead us to feelings of power and the realization of dreams, the likes of which we have never experienced before. It's true! Itz a thing!

Come join us tonight on Holding the Light and see how much of "a thing" it really is when you meet Tiffany V. Mason, Professional Life Coach. Personal Development and Relationship expert. Tiffany shares her own story in a very honest and moving way, to show you firsthand how potent fliiping the pancake of negative aspects of our lives can really be. She has walked the proverbial walk, and now uses that walk to talk some powerful talk.

And talk to us, she does! With her uplifting energy and surety of purpose, Tiffany easily guides through her own experience and shows us how to get in touch with the turn-around process, to help us move from feelings of powerless, to the recognition of ourselves as the Divine Creators we truly are.

Come join us tonight, and celebrate the not-so-good as very good! Listen to this gifted woman and lean to plant the seeds of life through precedents that will ultimately lead you to a life that is filled with love, peace and happiness.

You can do it! We're all in this together!

And Shine On, Beloved Peepz!

All My Love,


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