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Guide Group Fridays; Understanding that you are Equipped for Direct Communication With Spirit.

sherri cortland

Sherri and I talk about her new book Guide Group Fridays that leads us to discuss how and why we need to communicate incorrectly with our Spirit Guides and how to learn how to do it. OFFER; Guide Group Fridays: Special offer pre-pub price of $12 + description of book

Free handouts “Direct Communication With Spirit” and “Windows of Opportunity”

My new book (actually co-written with my sister, Debbie Ihburg-Smith) will be out in December, and my publisher, Ozark Mountain, is offering a special Pre-publication price of $12 right now for a limited time.  Below is a link with a with details about the book and a link within to get the special pre-pub pricing.  If it resonates with you, if you feel so inclined, will you please share this on your facebook pages and with your friends?

Get on the Grid - Chessie Roberts

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