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Solace in the Light – Nomanono Isaacs and Escaping Apartheid


Tonight, meet an incredible woman, a powerful spirit born under the oppressive blanket of Apartheid who fought her way out and went on to become a successful poet, author and Light Holder.


NOMANONO ISAACS was born in the small, remote village of Makhanya, in the District of Umzimkhulu, in South Africa where she enjoyed a childhood filled with music, laughter and loveā€”not just from her extended family but also from her community. All that changed at the age of 12 when the South African Apartheid government embarked on Rehabilitation Schemes in Black residential areas, which meant a lot of hardship for most people. Her whole world view fell apart. At the age of 20 she escaped to the neighbouring nation of Swaziland, eventually making her way to England, where she now lives.

Nomanono Isaacs sits with Linda tonight to talk about her struggles, her joys, her losses, and her victories. Through her magical example, Nomanono shows us that overcoming challenges and thriving in The Light is not only possible, but a birthright to which we are entitled.

And oh, how she shines! Come and connect to her joyous energy, share her poetry, listen to her daughter's beautiful music, and see your own Light shining in hers.

And Shine on, Beloved Peeps!

All My Love,


How to reach Nomanono:


Holding the Light - Intention Radio - Linda Chasteen

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