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Amping Up Your Light – Tools of Intention with Marita Orr and Stacey Viano


Marita's baaaaaaaaaaaack! And tonight on Holding the Light, she brings along fellow Magical Goddess Stacey Viano to help you get your intention on!

Marita has fashioned a year-long course - Working With Tools of Intention - that is devoted to helping attendees find their own personal power in a bevvy of ways, but with one unifying factor - intention. We all know of the power of intention, and this class is a methodical and magical progression that systematically unlocks different pieces of your spirit... from crystals to metals to herbs to sacred bathing, learn about adding all the toold to your spiritual tool box that will amp up your personal power and help you shine your Light even brighter!

Stacey Viano is also on hand to educate us about meditation basics, and guide us through a beautiful heart meditation that she created. Powerful stuff!

Plus, it's Marita! You've heard her talk about Orgone, and gardening, and tarot, all with her beautiful and zany energy. Now, tune in and hear her plan to help spirits of the world Hold the Light in the most-magical ways with her new course of intentions.

This is great stuff in a great time of great expansion, so come on along!!

And shine on, Beloved Peepz!

All My Love,


How to reach Marita:

Holding the Light - Intention Radio - Linda Chasteen

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