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On and On in The Light – Connecting to our Departed Loved Ones with Psychic Medium Jeanne Rose


They don't go away, you know...those people we've loved and "lost."

After all, energy can not be destroyed. So where do we go when we pass on?

Find out tonight on Holding the Light, as we are joined once again by our Beloved Friend, Psychic Medium Jeanne Rose. Jeanne is a medium who connects to the Spirit World, passing along messages of Love and Comfort to those who seek her services. She is also a Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive reader Usui Reiki Master Teacher,Certified Hypnotist,Certified Past Life Regression facilitator, and Member of the Spiritualist Church. Her skill and sensitivity in all things Spiritual make her a loving and magical guide to take us through the journey of what happens after we die.

Linda and Jeanne contemplate all the aspects of life and on "The Other Side." We will discuss ways to contact our Beloveds, signs that they are with us, and Jeanne shares many stories of her experiences connecting to friends and family whose energy is still alive and well.

So come join us as we contemplate all different aspects of connecting to our separated Loved Ones and HOld the Light with them, knowing that we all go on and on.

And Shine On, Beloved Peepz!

All My Love,


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