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Lasting NewYear’s Resolutions


In order to make our new year's resolutions lasting, we need to know what makes us fail.

Today we'll talk about what makes us fail, what keeps us back, what do we say Yes to and what do we say No to.

We need a strong foundation inside in order to succeed. I call this foundation a strong Felt Sense of Yes in the body, that is stronger than the old familiar No that has stopped our success in the past. Remember, we don't need to repeat the past. Getting to a strong Felt Sense of Yes is your ticket to success.

How to get there is the work we need to do individually first. It may not be worth starting your diet, exercise program or plan to change until you know what has kept you from succeeding in the past and help soften the grip of these strings that are stuck in the veil.

In order to succeed, I suggest: Reach out for help to make your unconscious No conscious; start with small steps, to make sure you feel successful, and be kind to yourself.

Wishing you a beautiful entry into the new year with inspiration, courage and presence.

Unvieled - Pernilla Lillarose - Intention Radio

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