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Leaving Behind The Heavy Load

rocket ship releasing boosters

When do you leave the past behind and when do you need to go back down into the past in order to unhook parts that feel stuck there and keep pulling you back. This is an important question and one that you'll learn to answer through your own felt sense experience. It is not something you'll know conceptually or as a tool you can use time after time.

Today I'll address the leaving behind the heaviness when you feel done with it, so you can lift higher in consciousness and start experiencing 'what else' is Here when all your precious energy is not engaged in fixing or resisting the past.

I am using a rocket ship as a metaphor of what can happen. It does need the rocket boosters in order to get lift off and get out of the field of gravity, and once it is outside of that range, it simply releases the boosters and leaves them behind. Once out of the field of gravity, the boosters will only drag the ship back down.

So it is with us. Once we have climbed far enough out of the veil using the tools and methods to keep crawling out, we don't need them anymore.

Then we are ready to enter a different Field. The Field of infinite possibilities, where we are wyrd and unique in our expression and very different from how we have known ourselves before.

Come and join us in this rocket ship as we are taking off and lifting out of the field of gravity to experience what else is Here...



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