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The Light of Christ

Christ Light

I am wishing you a Peace-filled Holiday with plenty of time to go inside and make yourself available for this Christ Energy that is strongly present and available during these days.

Today we'll talk about this energy and how we can make ourselves available to it and open up to being stripped from all that we are not and receive these new energies as they are embodying themselves in us and in the planet. We are all going through a big awakening with Mother Earth as our vessel, and we are all part of this vessel. It is happening, and the more we can allow, the easier the birth can take place.

It is not always easy to let go of old familiar patters, and I am sharing about a 'piece of crust' that moved through me recently and how all the work with the ALL Formula has helped me to stay Present in the midst of the old moving through me as the New is taking over.

We'll have a little meditation at the end to open up and allow and listen to how it wants to embark and embody itself uniquely as you and as me.

Unvieled - Pernilla Lillarose - Intention Radio

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