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Conspiring in The Light! Making Relationship Magic With Sheila Pearl

Sheila Pearl

"Loving is living and everything else is a distraction." - Sheila Pearl

Such wise words by a woman who knows - Sheila Pearl, a Relationship Coach and Love Expert Extraordinaire! Tonight on Holding the Light, Sheila talks to Linda about cultivating strong relationships and creating a conspiracy of Love ("con" = with, "spiracy" = spirit, after all!) that helps all of your connections become the best that they can be.

Sheila brings with her years of experience with couples and individuals to this evening's episode to help us think about ways for us to clean up our relationship energy. Think about it - everything in life is energy, and everything in life revolves around the connections we make - relationships. No matter how we feel about them, understanding ourselves as co-creators will help us add peace and inner joy to our journeys.

Sheila is also a published author, speaker, wedding officiant and all-around Magical Goddess with incredible energy! Come and experience her bubbly and wise magic.

And Shine ON, Beloved Peepz!


All My Love,


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