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Slow Down – Pause – Stop – Listen


Today we'll take the next step into 2015 so we can leave behind what we are done with and enter a new way of Being. Slowing down is a big part of making real changes. When you show down, pause, stop and listen you can get in alignment with your Inner Being, the Divine manifest as you.

Leaving behind what we don't want to bring into the new year takes practice. I compare it with a rip current where you have to learn to relax instead of fighting the current, so it will take you to the other side of it where there is safety and insight.

It takes practice to learn to stop resisting what we don't want. And it takes practice to learn to listen deeply to what you do what.

We need to commit to wanting to Become who we truly are, and learn to slow down long enough so you can recognize the Divine Flow right here where You are.

Most people are outside of this Divine Flow and are running, pushing, rushing, and too busy to notice what is right here waiting for us to dive into the place where fulfillment awaits us.

Are you willing to commit to slowing down, so you can begin to sense this inner Flow where you don't need to do it all on your own? Where you allow and receive instead of resist and push?

Let's take this first step together today.



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