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Standing at the door of Consciousness

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Inwardly, I am being prompted to pull back more, do less from a place of making things happen, and more from a place of responding and creating.

I will continue this show for now, but will do it only once or twice a month. Of course the replays will still be here during the weeks when I am not 'on.'

Today we'll be talking about the power of standing at the door of your Consciousness and becoming conscious of what you let in and what you don't. Most of our 'doors' have been wide open, allowing any thought, belief and feeling to enter without asking us first.

We need to become aware of who these thoughts are so we can start choosing who can come in and who can't.

The beauty is that when you close all doors to any 'intruders' into your Consciousness, you can consciously Rest in and as Consciousness itself and look straight into the Field of Infinite Possibilities and start creating consciously and conscientiously instead of randomly and as a victim to circumstances.

Let the fun begin...

Unvieled - Pernilla Lillarose - Intention Radio

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