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Coherent Consciousness

Coherent Consciousness2

It is our own Consciousness that brings coherence to any experience of incoherence. The tendency is to leave ourselves – Consciousness – Paradise and go outside of it and try to create something 'out there' which can only be experienced as an inner state of resting in and as Consciousness.

I use an example of a video of 30 metronomes ( that eventually come into coherence on their own. How does that happen? What makes that possible? And what will it take for the last metronome to some to rest in this same synchronized state? We all have at least one that keeps us moving outside of ourselves looking for a cure or for relief. What is yours?

We meditate to gradually leave behind the obstacles preventing us from resting in this coherent state of harmony and oneness. The longer you rest as Consciousness, the more coherence and harmony can enter your life experience

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