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Bringing Coherence into your Life

Incoherence signpost

Even though we already ARE Coherent Consciousness, we also still experience incoherence in our lives. We need to know what this incoherence is in order to be able to bring it into Coherence.

As an example, one of my students shared after a meditation that she became very aware how a lack of confidence was getting in the way of her following her Heart. She knew that she first needed to bring that into coherence.

The ALL Formula is helpful to uncover and soften the incoherence.

You embody the qualities of what you long for by starting to Feel what it Feels like and allowing that energy into your body and Being to help balance out the incoherence.

Learning to Be YourSelf is a powerful first step and often a foreign concept for many of us. Hakomi helped me tremendously to find all these parts that I had disowned and it allowed me to start feeling whole and happy.

At some point it becomes a choice we need to make: Conscious Coherence or unconscious incoherence.



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