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When I Truly Love MySelf

Heart lips

I'll share my poem 'When I Truly Love MySelf' and the importance and practicality of truly loving ourSelves.
This will be my 2nd to last radio show here on Intention Radio, because my inner movement is strongly letting me know to more or less stop everything I have been doing and allowing the Divine Feminine Flow to 'do' it.

Without Self Love I would never have been able to truly listen to something that feels so opposite of what the world believes. But the more we sink into this inner movement, learn to trust it and finally act on it, we will naturally find ourselves in this Flow where fulfillment already exists.

It's a matter of unhooking from the veil and opening our eyes to see what is already here, in the space where we already are, just waiting for you and me to open up to receive.

Unvieled - Pernilla Lillarose - Intention Radio

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