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Following the Flow: I Love You!

Follow your Flow- Island floating in space

This is my last show here. I want to thank you all for listening and Being part of Unveiled. If you want to stay in touch, please go to

Today we'll complete with learning how to Follow your Natural Inner Divine Flow. We all have 'it' in us, and most of us also have a frozen layers of fear, judgments and beliefs that prevent us from Flowing With the Flow. Remember the Flow is made of the same as the frozen layers. They are just a lower temperature and too 'cold' to Flow. They need a higher temperature/frequency in order to melt back into the Flow and You and I are the means to raising the frequency.

How? It's done with your own Love. I'll walk you through how to do that in this show and when you apply that in your life, you are guaranteed to experience more Flow and Fulfillment in your life.

The good news is that the Flow is already within us - well, it is Who we already Are. And part of us already Know that, but somehow has found ways to deny it and think something is wrong about it.

Getting ready to take the dive...

Unvieled - Pernilla Lillarose - Intention Radio

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