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Presenting, Love Sex, Money. No Really!


I introduce my partner Jack Martin. He is a coach I have asked to join me in teaching our workshop. Love Sex, and Money was birthed from my workbook I wrote, which is available with or with out taking the workshop. We are launching our class Sept 14, 2015 and wanted to share some information about to workshop to give the listeners more details.

To register for the workshop or order the workbook:
Go to: mailto:
Email: Mary at or Jack at

To share some information about Jack:
Jack Martin is a lover of life. He is very passionate and enthusiastic about all possibilities life has to offer. His love for his family and friends goes without question. He is happy, funny, joyful, and exciting to be around. He is the president and CEO of American Innovations Corporation, a Certified Master Life/Success Coach, as well as a lifelong entrepreneur.

He is a knowledge seeker, always focusing on mastering himself. Using his knowledge and skills he loves helping others to re-focus on the important aspects of life, by achieving results. He is an intuitive and spiritual leader that can lead you to re-focus and uncover the real you, and discover how amazing you really are. He knows each of us have questions that we would love answered, and he also knows no one can answer them but you. He understands that it takes courage to re-focus ones life, but it he also knows each of us has that courage and ability to make it happen. He enjoys leading, coaching, and mentoring others, to live a happier, healthier, joyful, abundant life.

Though his skills are much greater than mentioned, most importantly he has spent a large part of his life studying many inspiring writers, trainers and speakers, too many to remember, here are a few: Bob Proctor, Og Mandino. Zig Zigglar, Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Napoleon Hill, Neil Donnell Walsh, James Allen Wallace Wattles, and Henry Harris Brown.

His # 1 desire is to live in his world where everyone is living their lives on purpose, and has gained both the knowledge and ability to manifest all that they desire to live a happy, healthy, prosperous life.

Jack Martin
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