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There is Life Here and Life After

Lynn Van Praagh Gratton

Hello Everyone,
This week I am introducing Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton. A BRIDGE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS!

She will be traveling across Colorado Feb 17th through the 21st. Get deatils on her website.

Utilizing her unique gift, Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton conveys messages of hope, healing, and love to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. These messages bring closure, peace, and love to people all over the United States and Canada. Lynn comes from a long line of highly gifted mediums. Lynn grew up in Bayside, New York. After high school, Lynn was a stay at home mom, and then went on to become a Flight Service Manager at American Airlines. It wasn’t until her husband’s untimely death that she fully embraced her gifts. The Universe helped to encourage Lynn further by placing a woman in her path who told her that she was “A Bridge Between Worlds;” at that moment Lynn knew what she was meant to do. Upon retiring from American Airlines, Lynn began to focus on her abilities and sharing them with others. Lynn has four children and is a grandmother to seven.

Lynn never imagined the worlds that have opened up to her over these past few years. Throughout her life, Lynn has experienced many difficulties along her path. Through her faith and her abilities, she has been able to forge ahead and remain strong. “I want to heal people by speaking to those who can no longer be heard by their loved ones left behind” is Lynn’s mantra.

“From the moment I met Lynn, we connected and she shared her wonderful gift with me. Lynn channeled my grandmother and has given me messages with evidence, which have been very healing to me.” – Nickie

“There are no words to express the deep gratitude I have for the immeasurable amount of peace and serenity Lynn has given to me and my mother.” - Sophia
Lynn is available for:
 Private one-on-one readings (in person, via telephone, Skype)
 Group Readings
 Spiritual Gatherings/Seminars
 Large Events
 Gallery Readings
 Interviews/Appearances on radio and television programs

For more information on the services provided by Lynn, to schedule an interview, or have Lynn as a guest on your show, contact her at: or by calling 917-882-1391.

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