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PTS and Coaching

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Welcome to Love Alchemy Radio on Intention Radio with host Mary Chambers. This week I will be introducing Coach Larry Grimm, with MonUmental Moments, Inc. and The Coaching Ninjas.

Larrys Ninjas

What is that event in your life that you recall and make yourself feel bad, really bad. Your body tenses. You breathe more shallowly and quickly. Your hands perspire as you recall it in detail. You remember the place, what colors you were wearing, the smells in the place you were at and the sequence of events very clearly.

This is a quick glimpse at post-traumatic stress and what it does to a person’s consciousness and body. You had this reaction because your brain is wired to protect your body from ever having that traumatic experience again. Your brain programed itself to recognize the same indicators that you experienced before and to prepare your body to fight or run or freeze. This is hard wired self-protection.

In coaching for PTS I enable you to move that memory out of the middle brain that floods your body with adrenalin into the neo-cortex. You will feel released from the tension and triggers of the memory. You will analyze your environment and release the compulsion to react. You will choose your responses and gain more control in your emotional life. That is what my coaching for life and faith is all about. I am a life coach and my passion comes to life when I work with someone who wants to change, who wants to leave behind their sadness, their isolation, their hopelessness and become happy and whole.

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LifeStyle Coach, MonUmental Moments

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