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The Big ‘50’ and Beyond, “But I’ve never been this Age Before!”

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This week on the Love Alchemy Show, host Mary Chambers interviews Dr. Larry Grimm, Master Ninja Coach with The Coaching Ninjas, and MonUmental Moments. I will be introducing knowledge and wisdom on his upcoming webinar and 6-week class called:

"The Big ‘50’ and Beyond, “But I’ve never been this Age Before!”.
“But I’ve never been this Age Before!” We watch our children grow from one stage to the next throughout their childhood. We appreciate that they have particular childhood tasks to accomplish to grow cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Having worked with people over fifty for many years I have observed that like childhood we have a time of life called elderhood. There are tasks to do! I describe some of them I’ve observed in others and in myself in this series of classes. With my coaching your elderhood will be a time for happiness, joy, and empowerment!
Come Join our Webinar Weds Sept 14th, 2016 at 7:30pm MDT, 8:30pm CST.

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