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Re-Launch of the Intention Call – A Global Shift

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Emmanuel Bombardier, founder of the Intention Call, is being honored today by this past recording of the Intention Call that he hosted and lead the guided meditation to. He has grown the Intending community and has made possible a powerful positive global shift through these FREE 15 minute calls (30mins guided Energetic Alignment session, followed by the 15mins Intention Call meditation). Thank you to this GRAND being for his light and for fully engaging in his life purpose and mission. It lead to the creation of this beautiful and oh so necessary space.

Emmanuel started this powerful movement of conscious creation and love. Although Manny has moved on from this Earthly plane, his legacy lives on and we welcome his Divine support in the resurgence of Intention Call.

It's time. It's needed. Our kids are worth it. We are worth it. Life is beautiful.

Join us to awaken the planet to the possibilities of Love and shift the world in beautiful ways we can't even imagine. We
love you Manny!

**Please take note that this is a past recording and that the information provided during the show concerning which number to call and how to reach out on the website is no longer validy. We would love to hear from you and to do so, you can reach us on our facebook page: The Intention Call. Or you can email us at

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