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Intention Call – Healing with Julie Migneault


Intention call is a FREE 15 minute guided meditation - the world's largest weekly gathering of intender's and meditators! When thousands gather with a single intention, the collective energy is transformational.
We are very happy to announce that Julie Migneault will be coming back on the Intention Call this Sunday to accompany your host, Jeri Tourand for this week's HEALING intentional meditation.


Julie is a healer, an intuitive, and a teacher who attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing with great success. She supports women to heal their lives so they can be who they are meant to be with authenticity, inner peace and love. Her mission is to support humanity in living with connection within, and in alignment with our deepest truth, potential and fulfillment.

To learn more about Julie, visit her Facebook page:


From 2:30-3pm PST, join Jeri Tourand and Julie Migneault while they share their wisdom on how to heal from the inside and prepare us for the 15 minute meditation.

julie-migneaultAt 3pm PST, Julie Migneault will lead the 15 minute Intentional meditation by guiding you to BE with wounded places and bring healing. A truly transformational journey to be experiencing with hundreds and thousands of Intenders at the same time!

Join the global shift during the live broadcast from the comfort of your own home by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on our Facebook page or by clicking on the link provided at the buttom of the event Sunday at 3pm PST. You can also call this US number: (713) 955-0576

Join the call to expand this inner healing into Univers with our collective Intention.

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