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Doc Anthony

On a constant pursuit of understanding and evolving toward greatness: Doc’s journey begins with epilepsy at age nine with a stubborn attitude of refusing medication and to live and participate in activities as other children. Doc as a boy took many risks, riding a bicycle on busy streets, playing sports, and climbing fences and trees, as teenager Doc would go surfing. At the age of 16 he began to meditate; this helped to control his seizures and finally to cure the condition. During this period of self-discovery he read and studied many of the worlds faiths and beliefs. These personal studies lead him to the understanding of the evolution of the inner being, the moral code of the unconsciousness, know by some faiths as “Law”, and the State of Oneness with Super-consciousness, God.

Doc also has a passion for the arts and those who are artists, having studied both music and drama from the age of nine. He holds degrees in both Music and Theatre. He understands the difficulty in becoming a self-reliant, self-supporting artist, especially with two sons pursuing to find their place in the theatre and film industries.

These early experiences became the foundation for his research in education and the development of the Accelerating School Model and a curriculum designed to develop the natural talents of children. Dr. Raimondo also discovered that these strategies were effective with adults. During his career in education, he taught children with learning disabilities, English as a second language and adult basic development, a program providing those without a high school education the skills to obtain a diploma. It was while he was teaching adults that he was inspired by his own question, “If I wrote your biography, what would be the theme of your life’s story?”

He perfected his philosophy and keynote speech and speaking style during his dedicated 18 years to the Newark Public Schools, as a special education teacher for the learning disabled, emotionally disturbed, physically handicapped and students with behavior disorder. “Doc” as he is affectionately called by his special education students or “Mr. Doc” when being formal, has had many of his special education students master 2 and 3 grade level in a single year resulting in declassification and returning to the general population. He basis his student’s academic success; with his life coaching techniques. Doc also instructed, inspired and motivated young adults returning to school for a diploma and colleagues of the Newark Teachers Union.

“Working with one’s talent makes success easy.”

Dr. Raimondo leadership, teaching style communicates individual and group achievement through collaboration. He has provided workshops and has spoken to Members of the Newark Teachers Union on the subject of compliance versus conformity. In addition, he has been speaker at the At-Risk-Conferences in Savannah, Georgia. Dr. Anthony Raimondo earned four degrees: a bachelor’s in music and a master’s in communication and theater from William Paterson College, a master’s in education supervision from St. Peter’s College and a doctorate in education supervision from Berne University, he also attended the Master’s Center Institute of Hypnotherapy. Dr. Raimondo holds certifications in Elementary Education, Speech/Drama, and Teacher of the Handicap, Principle Supervision, and Hypnotherapy. He is also a fourth degree black belt in Yoshuskai Karate, More recently a graduate of the Bill Gove Speech Workshop conducted by Steve Seibold.

During his career, “Doc” has taught both English as a second language and adult basic development, a program providing those without a high school education the skills to obtain a diploma. It was while he was speaking to his students and teaching that concept of a theme that he received the inspiration to ask, “If someone wrote your biography, what would be your theme?” Discerning the answer to this question is the beginning of the path to greatness. He was inspired to develop a curriculum for life coaching.

“If I wrote your biography, what would be the theme of your life’s story?”

This question led Dr. Raimondo to change his style, method and teaching strategies. His new method began to accelerate the learning performance of his special education and adult students. As a result, a number of his special education students were declassified and returned to the general population. Much of what took place in his classroom inspired him to share in his literary debut, Return to Eden. (Dog Ear Publishing, October 2009) Now called “Choosing One Theme” (Tate Pubishing 2012). Now as a published author he seeks to inspire and motivate a larger audience to discover their personal theme leading to greater success and achieving greatness. A true renaissance man, Raimondo’s passion for personal enlightenment led him to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. He has owned a jazz club, a hairstyling salon and a school for music, dance and drama called Rhythm World. To motivate, inspire others to live their potential, their personal theme for achieving success and greatness. Dr. Raimondo has now retired from teaching form the Newark Public School System and from teaching a selected few students in Yoshuskai Karate, and founded Accelerating Evolution, LLC, a consulting firm committed to helping clients’ perform at excellence in academics, sports, business and in their personal lives. Dr. Raimondo currently lives in Studio City, CA., It was here that he was inspired to write “Least of Brothers” a film dealing with love and compassion for the less fortunate and to take the lessons of life to a larger classroom.

Raimondo hopes that for his students, the lessons does not end when they leave his classroom, for success leading to greatness is a on going learning experience.  Just as the question he wrote on his own chalkboard challenged him to find a higher purpose, he hopes that his students and readers carry with them the greater pursuit of knowledge, long after they finish the final page or to witness the final act.

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