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All About the Afterlife

Steven William - Mileen Patel
Show's Intention:  All About the Afterlife serves to awaken and enlighten listeners about who they truly are, a spirit with a body and not a body with a spirit.  Through discussing the intersection of culture, history and spirituality, Intuitive, Steven William, and his co-host Mileen Patel, shed light on the afterlife and on a different history of mankind, and how each impacts who we are at the core.  Steven, spiritually aware as a young child, has refined his ability throughout his life, and spent decades trying to prove that it didn’t exist, only to come to the evidence-based conclusion that it does.  On the other hand, Mileen, a former entrepreneur, has recently begun to recognize spirits through different physical sensations, and demonstrates that we all have the natural ability to sense our ancestors, and can develop it if we choose to work on it.  When the two of them get together and start talking, the audience is exposed to the whole spectrum, and gets to be a part of a natural and lively discussion between mentor and apprentice.  Listeners can participate too, by dialing in during the call with questions or comments.  And when invited guests such as mediums, historians, filmmakers and other spiritually-minded individuals join the show from time to time, everything gets turned up a notch, and even the sky is not the limit...

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