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Most Recent Articles

The Blessing of Diversity

Posted in Harmonious Day, Radio

Many of us fear differnces. We should see diversity as a blessing that enriches the entire human family. Let’s talk about it!

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Will Be Done

Posted in Doc Speaks, Radio

A continuing discussion on Oneness and the idea of obedience is a part of a willingness to be at One and to perform as the God intended purpose for us, also the next episode of Least of Brothers and finally a meditation.

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Fill Your Heart First

Posted in Expect Miracles, Radio

Society teaches us to give, give, and give some more, until we are empty and depleted. We are taught that if we are not giving we are being selfish. This leads to feeling depleted and it will eventually show up as dis-ease. When we understand the importance of filling our hearts first and giving from the overflow, everyone is taken care of including us.

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Dr. Warren Wheeler, one of USA’s 1st Palliative Physicians

Posted in Radio, The Journey

Join me on our kick-off interview with a palliative physician who has advocated for patients and physicians alike for the purpose of relieveing pain and suffering for people facing serious illness.

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The Power of Our Mind Body Connection to Create…Everything

Posted in Get on the Grid, Radio

Join us for a a high energy conversation about using your body mind connection to create what ever you choose to bring into your life.

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Let Go to Glow!

Posted in Let Go To Glow, Radio

Letting go is the fastest and some would say, the only way to find your true glow. Our lives are filled with what society tells us “should” make us glow, but glowing always boils down to faith.

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The Love Molecule: Science of Ascension

Posted in Love Molecule, Radio

Do we need to heal ourselves one issue at a time, or can we sweep everything away with simple energy clearings? This is a controversial topic and Alana Kay explains the origin of her beliefs and experience throughout her 20 year career as an author, intuitive and healer.

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Posted in Creation in Action, Radio

I wonder what joy of adventure can inspire accessing the magic of you?
What inspiration can you be to yourself and others when choosing to be more the magic of you?

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Posted in Emerging from the Matrix, Radio

Salini is interviewed by Eric Anthony Crew on how to recognize, disconnect and restore your divine energy matrix from spiritual theft and bondage during trauma, oppression, mind control, sexual slavery, trafficking, satanism and all forms of brainwashing.

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It is Time to Nourish Your Soul – A Message from Mother Gaia

Posted in Radio, The Pause

Mother Gaia gifts us with a message to seed a new beginning. Come into The Pause as I share my experiences about the Sacredness in Hawaii – Birthing Anew.

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How Your Clutter is Killing Your Creativity and What to do About It!

Posted in Clear Creative Hour, Radio

Our Guest Erin Cochran, known as “The House Whisperer”, is President and Founder of Revealing Redesign, where she helps people who feel ashamed of their shabby surroundings create a home that is a true sanctuary where they can live, love and create!

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Joyous Presences: Leading-edge Ecopreneur and Brilliant Visionary

Posted in Culture for Care, Radio

This weeks show will expand your mind, open your heart and feed your soul. A tap, smack, boom, on the drum of great spirit, Joyous Presence, shared such a clear perspective for our future generations.

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