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Mark Taylor’s Radio Is On

Posted in Intention Radio, Radio

Mark Taylor heard the Voice of God, because his ‘radio’ is on. ( John 10:27 NIV) “My sheep hear my voice.”

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God, Mark Taylor – Justice

Posted in Doc Speaks, Intention Radio, Radio, YouTube

God spoke to Mark Taylor and told him justice is coming, and pray to prevent civil unrest.

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Remaining Centered in a World of Illusion

Posted in Energetic Connection, Radio

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Centering amidst Darkness -Let’s keep our vibrations high

Posted in Radio


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The Master & The Servant

Posted in Doc Speaks, Radio

A relationship between the master and the servant

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Musical Satire – Obama – Trump

Posted in Doc Speaks, Intention Radio, Radio

A few of the last 8 years through song, a fun way to get it.

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