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Join the Intention Radio Family!

EmmanuelYou have a GIFT that needs to reach the masses and WE are your supporting Tribe.

Aloha, my name is Emmanuel,  one of the co-creators here at Intention Radio and on behalf of IR I wish to express my gratitude.  Thank You for sharing your vibration and energy with the Intention Radio Family. 

With the support of our dedicated Sound engineer , Web geeks AND our Hosts committed to the expansion of this platform, we have created a collaborative family seeking to support each other and the world. We are the fastest growing and most enlightening Metaphysical / Spiritual Internet Radio Network on this Planet.  As we create this community, the 'intention' is to broadcast your uplifting and enlightening messages for all to hear. Hosts and Guests are joining us from around the world to share these common passions and beliefs.  We are 'one', utilizing the technology of today to connect 'to all'.


With our amiable technical staff on hand, supporting you, we will guide you through every step needed to become a Host with your own weekly Radio Broadcast.  Let us show you, hand in hand, how to become part of our 'Sanctuary for Enlightenment'.

We are looking for 4 more Positively Driven, Passionate Hosts for IR!

What is needed from our Hosts:

  • A willingness to co-create with others in support of the Network.
  • Quality Internet connection that can be provided to you.
  • A method to record audio through your computer or otherwise, with a proper mic/headset.
  • At least a 3 month commitment at a MONTHLY FEE of $80.

Here is a list of what our Hosts will get:

  • A 1 hour slot every week on Intention Radio.
  • A dedicated page with a stream of all your past shows and guests.
  • A Calendar with all your upcoming shows.
  • A customized banner for your show.
  • Professional Intro and Outro for your show.
  • Revenue Sharing Program. Host can generate up to $240 monthly (NEW!)
  • A Hosting Assistant who will:
    1. Schedule your shows,
    2. Edit your pre-recorded shows,
    3. Create articles for each one of your episodes,
    4. Archives all your shows for future listen,
    5. And on-going support.

Become an Intention Radio Host

Why is this such a Powerful Platform?

Collaboration... that's why! alone generates millions of hits a year, it's Live Streamer has gained attention from the crowd.  As we are all AIRing on the same player, everyone will benefit directly from everyone else's Marketing efforts!  36 Hosts are marketing and advertising all shows.  It's the difference between you advertising your own show alone, and having 36 people plus the Intention Call team marketing the Network YOU are featured on. This is what Collaboration really looks like!

Let us get acquainted & Apply Now!

We are looking forward to connecting with you.


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